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8 Things You Won’t See From Apple Today

So Today is the big day. Apple’s long awaited, unusually delayed, and highly anticipated iPhone product announcement. Also on everyone’s mind is where the iPods got shoved to. And if an Apple TV will make an appearance today. Tim Cook mentioned a product transition on the last earnings call so everyone is wondering what that means too. Lots of questions and only a few hours left until only 1 or 2 of them are answered while the rest continue to keep us up at night. But in honor of the day, here are 8 things you won’t see at today’s keynote.


1. Apple Car

2. Luke Skywalker

3. Newton 2.0

4. Pipp!n 2

5. George Lopez

6. iTyrannosaurus Rex

7. iBlade

8. iBike




And if you’re in need of more awesome laughs here is a great website.

New Things Coming

So thanks to my sweet poll on the right I now know I’m not the only reader here! There are at least 2 others! So, admittedly excited I am planning out a redesign of the site and more regular posts. If you have an idea of what kind of posts you’d like to read be it commentary, tutorials, tips, or novels let me know in the comments! I’d love to see what you are interested in.

Thanks for reading and have an awesome day!

What could tomorrow’s iTunes Announcement Bring?

Apple has dedicated their homepage to an iTunes teaser.  But what could tomorrow bring that they are going to drop on us tomorrow?  Is it the iTunes cloud?  Is it monthly payments for streaming from the iTunes library? Could it finally be the updated 64bit Cocoa iTunes we want? What on earth could they be bringing to us?  Comment below on your speculations.

Why FaceTime is a Big, New Deal.

So I’ve been wondering, and I’ve noticed others wondering, whats the big deal with FaceTime.  We’ve been videochatting for years with iChat, Skype, Aim, Yahoo, MSN, and all sorts of IM services.  What’s different?  Well FaceTime has a few fundamental differences from iChat.

  • Facetime is always on!
    • Facetime even if the program isn’t running on your Mac, iPhone, or iPodTouch will accept calls and ring.  You don’t have to be “online” or logged in to receive calls.  This is a massive fundamental difference between IM clients and telephones.
  • Facetime is an open protocol.
    • iChat is a closed system.  You need an iChat username (or Aim) to login and then people need to be on your buddy list to chat and video chat with them. Facetime is a system that allows anyone to video call you without you knowing them or them knowing you.  And yes anyone, FaceTime is supposed to be a supported open standard presented by Apple.  Its only a matter of time until other companies use the standard to build their own video calling services and devices so everyone can make video calls across various brands.  Its a different ball game from private username databases of chat clients.
  • Facetime uses phone numbers/email addresses.
    • I can’t think of any IM clients that use your telephone number as the PRIMARY login.  FaceTime will allow you to cross Phone Numbers with Email addresses and receive video calls on either, from either.  This is a new thing in itself as it is blurring the email and phone numbers the same way Twitter and Facebook have begun to blur the email and on-site-message system as more people communicate with only messages as opposed to everyone checking their old email account.

The big thing is that Facetime is “video calling” and iChat (and chat clients) have always been and will remain “video chatting.”

Out Cry for Text Books

Hey Book Publishers!  The iPad and iPhone iBook Store is amazing!  I absolutely love reading my books on them and I will pay just as much for them even though you save money without printing.  All I’m asking is you start porting books by the thousands to the iBook store!  My goal is to buy all my college textbooks from the iBook Store on my iPad as soon as possible because carrying around an entire semester of books in one easy to use giant screen would be amazing.  Plus with the new multitasking I could easily do everything I need on that one device.  Where is the help publishers!  Jump into the future and start publishing!