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Cyborg Livestock has hit the App Store!  I’m extremely proud to announce my first game has been approved first try without a hitch.  Went from submission May 15th 11PM to acceptance May 18th around 5:30PM.  Extremely quick turn around based on my experiences.  I’ve got tons of updates planned so I really hope people like it so far and hold on to it for more.  Its free so don’t hesitate to go download it and give it a shot!


Thanks again to everyone who has helped me along this journey for the last 10 months!

Day One: Xcode/Interface Builder

Today I started learning about iPhone app development.  I followed a few tutorials on Xcode and Interface Builder.  I also built a small counting application through a tutorial that kinda gave me something to do as I explored the Xcode interface and how to use Interface Builder.  It was really cool when I figured out how easy it is to connect the interface to the Objective-C thanks to Apple’s drag-n-point system.  It works great and I’m sure once I get a bit better at the programming end I will have to problem quickly building some nice interfaces.  But its been slow progress trying to understand  the small pieces of code as well as learn Xcode and Interface Builder while still trying to think about how all my new knowledge can lead to developing my own ideas into powerful iOS apps.  I just hope I make a few break throughs this week so I can really see some big progress instead of simple tutorial following.

I’ve also been looking for some good open source iPhone projects to sink my teeth into and study.  That way I can learn how things are best organized and best practices.  I’ve found a few games one of which has done nothing but crash since I downloaded it but one is pretty well put together and I think I can learn quite a bit from it.  But my problem is I have only been able to find older projects dating back to iOS 2.0 and if I’m lucky 3.0  I really need to find an active community of open source programers with up to date iPhone projects that I can learn and contribute to.  I really want some projects I can improve with my own codes and ideas so I can dive right into app development instead of starting from scratch over and over just to learn.  So if anyone knows where I can find what I’m looking for leave me a comment or shoot me an email!